Other Actions

This page presents the 54 additional actions that were identified and is organized by CAAP topic area and corresponding goals.

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Building Energy & Design
Transition to high efficiency, zero carbon homes, and buildings
Expand local renewable energy development and storage
Transportation & Land Use
Adopt zero-emissions vehicles and equipment to reduce fossil fuel use
Increase opportunities for active mobility in the community
Reduce single occupant vehicle use
Expand opportunities for local housing development to balance local employment opportunities
Water & Solid Waste
Reduce waste generation and increase diversion away from landfills
Conserve water in our buildings and landscapes
Climate Risk & Carbon Removal
Create a cooler city with more green space for people and habitat
Protect public health and safety from extreme heat and wildfire smoke
Protect public health, safety, and infrastructure against damage and disruption from flooding
Prepare and respond to climate hazards to ensure that the City is equipped to address current and future challenges
Demonstrate climate leadership through innovation, education, and investment
Strengthen transit service within Davis and among regional neighbors

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