Draft Prioritized Actions 

Welcome to the Draft Prioritized Actions Forum. The City has identified 29 Draft Prioritized Actions, which you can explore at your own pace.

  1. You can explore all draft priority actions by clicking each of the four CAAP topic area boxes below.

  2. Within each topic area, you will find a series of numbered tiles that represent the draft priority actions.

  3. Click on each action tile to enter the individual action discussion threads.

  4. Here, you can click the heart icon to indicate the draft priority actions that you support, share your thoughts about each draft priority action, and read what your neighbors are saying.


Please note that to ‘like’ actions or post comments in this forum, you will be prompted to create a free account and login. Be courteous and respectful of others’ opinions when commenting on the draft priority actions.


City staff and the City Attorney’s office are reviewing each of these actions to address legality, complexity and other issues. There is no guarantee that because an action is prioritized now, that it will be legally within the City’s power to adopt as part of the CAAP document. Some measures may require language changes, and/or lobbying at the State level to change legal requirements in order to consider for inclusion.

Thanks for your input!